FSI Visit/Tour


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Hello everyone. I was wondering if you could fill me in on the procedure to get the tour down at FSI. I have called 2 times so far with no return calls. I am planning on being in Vero Beach on the 15th of November and would like to tour FSI. Can I just show up? Do I need to register? How much time should I alot. Any help would be appreciated.

Call betwem 9am and 4pm and talk to Sally at the front desk and she'll schedule the tour for you. You can also do it over the net at Flightsafetyacademy.com. If you want to stay in the dorms for free just ask them.
The tour itself is 1-2 hours, mine was a bit longer as I spoke to and asked questions on just about everyone and everything. Bringing a camera worked for me. You can stay on campus for free, and they even feed you in the on-campus Cafe. It's a very good tour, and they do try to inform you as much as they can. They are not pushy however, so you have to be inquisitive if you want to know the finer details. I signed up for my tour via the website.