FSI got me a job a ACA!


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The times are a changin again. ACA hired 5, yes 5, FSI instructors on 5/24 and we all started CRJ class on 5/27. There are now 9 ex-FSI instructors in training at ACA, and three more interviewed this last week. Six of us are in the CRJ, 1 in the Dornier 328, and 2 in the Jetstream. ACA is a fantastic company committed to hiring about 420 pilots this year, and 300-350 next year. Best of all, ACA recognises the quality of Flight Safety's training and are hiring heavily from FSI. I came to FSI to eventually get hired by a quality regional airline. With the downturn it took me an extra 3 months to get where I wanted to go, but with FSI experience and FSI support I'm exactly where I want to be now!

Two points I'd like to make. First, Now is the time to start your training, not when the recovery is complete. (Should you buy stocks at their high's or low's?) Second, FSI is the place to be. Excellent training and excellent career support. (Plus all the other reasons)
That's awesome news, congratulations. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say keep us updated on your progress.

How many new-hires are in your class? What I am trying to ask is, what percentage of all the new-hires at ACA are FSI dudes?

Good luck on training!

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This is great news. and congrats, to you and all the pilots that got hired. Reading news like this only renforces my commitment to attend FSA. Sooner or later the industry is bound to bounce back.

Now that your on board with ACA, could you post some gouge on what the interview process was like.

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Wanted to post an update on ACA hiring of FSI instructors. Last time I posted a month ago, there were 9 FSI instructors in training at ACA. Today there are 15, and by mid July, there will be around 25!

If you don't mind me asking, how many hours do you have, total and multi , and do you know the average of the other instructors that were hired? I am thinking seriously about FlightSafety or ATP. I toured FlightSafety last March but after 9/11 I have been waiting and watching the industry. Thanks for the info and congratulations!
A lot of the Ips hired had about 1200 TT and 300-400 ME.

Don't wait. It takes time to train and the industry is very cyclical. If you wait for an upswing to train and build hours, then you run the risk of hitting the job market at a downturn.

This was true even before 9-11, and it is true today. If you want to fly, do it. Be ready and you will find a spot somewhere.
The FSI group I was hired with in late May had 1400-1600 hours total time, with 600-800 multi. The last round of hiring that ACA did in June the total times were about 1300-1400, and I think they all had 500 multi. 500 multi sounds like a lot, but most of the FSI instructors will have it when they finish their contract! I gave 900 hours dual at FSI, 600+ in the Seminole, and a little under 300 in the Cherokee/Arrow.

How is it going with you guy's.? What type of aircraft are you scheduled to fly and how is the progess with the rest of the group.? Please keep up updated on your progress if you could.

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Thought I'd ad an update. The five of us FSI instructors who started in the jet class Memorial day are finishing up our initial operating experience. I finished today! 25 hours jet time under my belt. I've probably gone on and on about the merits of FSI over the last few posts so I'll spare you too much FSI touting. One last thing I'd like to add though is this. The jet training was tough, but the FSI experience prepared me well. I got all my ratings at local aero-clubs and only instructed for FSI (back when FSI hired IPs off the street), but the training I received to instruct at FSI is what really prepared me for the airlines. FSI may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. Cheers guys, and best of luck!!!
Congrats on passing training & IOE....

Where are you domiciled? How long will you sit reserve?


Awsome job man, hearing your progress, inspires me to work hard, when I get to FSI so I can, one day earn my right into one of those coveted left seats. This testament is a great motivator to those of us, that are just starting out.

In addition to chunk's Q's, what did you end up flying. I believe the domiciles are Dulles, Chicago and LaGuardia, I know thier's another one..well fly safe and godspeed.

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Dulles is a domicile for ACA? Hell now I have a real reason to instruct at FSI and get on with ACA....I get to go back home!
I'm expecting to be on reserve (at IAD) for 2-3 months. Just a guess on my part right now. There are already 3 or 4 CRJ FO classes in the pipeline behind me, so once they are on line I'm hoping to hold a regular line. The domiciles for ACA are IAD, ORD, LGA, BOS, and CVG right now, however Delta is moving all the LGA Do328Jets to CVG and the LGA base will close sometime this fall. ACA flys for United Express out of IAD and ORD and Delta Connection out of LGA, CVG, and BOS. IAD is a CRJ/J-41 base moving towards an all CRJ base. ORD is an all CRJ base. All the Delta work is done with the Do-328 Jet.

Since Delta is relocating the Do328's to CVG, any word on what's going to happen to the LGA hub.? Are they giving it up, for good or passing it over to another carrier.

And feedback on all these Donier Jets, that they are passing on, problaly make a direct conversion to a CRJ, to keep everything standardized.

thanks for answering all my ??? /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

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