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I was e-mailing Amy King, Marketing Representative of FSA, and she was mentioning that the ASA program is currently on hold due to 9-11. She also mentioned that ACA and American Eagle is on hold also. I don't know why she mentioned these other 2 airlines. Does FSA have a program with ACA and AE or ...? I am only aware of ASA.

I also asked her about the talk between FSA and EJA. She said that the EJA has no confirmation as of yet. Apparently talks are still going on or ...?

Anyone have any inside info on this? or more?
ASA, EJA, ACA, AE are on hold like I am on hold to get hired by Delta in the next 12 months (250tt) or, in the same sense, like there is a chance in the world of a new cfi getting hired on here within the next 16 months.

They try to gloss everything over, but frankly, I believe everyone here knows they are filling us with crap in an attempt to keep moral high.

Heck, they haven't even heard from EJA in the past 6 months, and we both have the same owner.

-Still the best flightschool, just run by people who exagerate.
Yeah, marketing does look thru rose colored glasses for new students and CFIs. I am probably past the prime of getting hired by a major, so I am only trying to hit the regional airline career. Still will try for the majors to say that I tried but will not keep my hopes up.

I do know that FSA has a program with only ASA when I toured their academy, not ACA or EA. Is this true that FSA has/had a program with these other regional airlines?
Hiring Update:
Last Friday, 5 instructors were hired by ACA. ACA is also looking to hire 400 more pilots this year.

ASA expects to be hiring in the fall. A friend there tells me that they are still buying jets and not retiring their turboprops as quickly as planned.

As far as pipeline programs, those are not in effect at the moment, but as the supply of qualified pilots dries up, expect them to come back on line. Rumor has it that pipeline programs for ACA and Comair are in the works as well as ASA.

For the time being, it seems like the best route to an airline cockpit is the traditional route of instructing, but this may change by the time you complete the course. I definitely would expect that the IP waiting list will be a thing of the past shortly (barring more terrorist attacks).
Thanks for the update, keep them coming, This is what I like to hear, I'll be down there arounf Dec.

"I am probably past the prime of getting hired by a major"
dtoften - what do you mean? How old are you (if you don't mind me asking)?
Thanks for the info davetheflyer,

Rumor or not, its good too see things that keep you motivated to stay on course.
Hi All,

This is great news, Things are bound to pick up, it's just a question of time. But the one thing that I'm curious is ? are these regionals still hiring CFI's with a min preset total flight hours Normally 1000 TT & 200 ME. Or did they relax those standards due to the industry taking a hit and not a lot of flight time for the CFI's on the waiting list. I know this is a hard question to answer, because is case is different. But what have you guy's heard.?

I'm starting this September and I hope, that by the time I finish my CIME,SEAD,CFI and CFII, that the industry would be dramatically different. it's a gamble, but I Cant wait ! /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif VB here I come /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

Hey any one here, from NYC and tri-state area, currently attending or will start at FSI.?

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I have heard that the recent hires for ACA had 1500 TT/ 500 ME. That differs from ACA's published minimums (250 on their website and 200 with Air Inc) so I guess with the glut of pilots, they are actually being more picky. Remember when the industry takes a hit, the supply of pilots exceeds the demand.

I personally don't think that they will be able to sustain those requirements.

Additionally, I know another CFI recently hired by Colgan Air with about 200 ME and 1500 TT.
I heard about ACA coming to FSA and hiring about 6 CFI people, but I heard that they have about 1500 TT.

Astin, I am 35 years old with my PPL. Figure 6 to 8 months for comm/multi/instr and CFII. Give or take a year or so in instructing before being able to apply to regionals. With what the majors look for in actual turbine PIC and with upgrade times of 2 to 4 years, it's doesn't look good for me but I am not complaining. I'll just look for a good regional for career place. Probably Air Wisconsin or whatever that has a good pay with good benefits.
Hi Dave,

Appreciate the feedback, So now we are looking at 1500 TT & 500 ME min hiring requirements just to stay competitive.? Man this bites, especially for those CFI's that are ready and have to stick around to get the extra flight time and not that the time building is bad, it's just that once again the waiting continues.

Let's hope that these regionals, start to concentrate thier hiring down at FSA. But with these furluogh's, makes it harder on the rest of us.

Not to the bearer of bad or good news, and this depends on your perspective, but once the airline furlough's start to level off, and the demand picks up, again this glut will stop becoming factor in the hiring process. Now, I do not have a crystal ball but at least the indicators are postive and on that subject this article is off:
(Air,Inc's Airline Pilot Careers) No 4, May 2002.


Not since the Gulf War in 1991 had the airline industry seen so many pilot furloughs as were instituted in the weeks immediately following the terrorist attacks. All told, approximately 8,000 pilots were furloughed, with additional pilot cutbacks still possible at some carriers.

Most of the major airlines announced furloughs, with the exceptions being Southwest, FedEx, UPS, and Alaska Airlines. Continental planned to furloughed 1,200 pilots, but only about 600 got the bad news. The Houston-based carrier has no plans to add to that list in 2002 and recently told AIR, Inc. it is hopeful to begin recalling furloughed pilots in the first quarter next year. Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines initially expected to furlough up to 1,700 pilots—so far about 745 have been laid off—and although additional furloughs will come in 2002, the carrier now hopes it can stop cutting back before it reaches 1,000 furloughed pilots.

Regional and national carriers were not hit nearly as hard by the need for pilot furloughs, largely because their pilot wages represent a lower percentage of the total cost
of doing business than wages do at the majors. Many of these airlines avoided furloughs outright, while most have managed to recall the majority of furloughed pilots.

Pilot hiring practically came to a standstill immediately after the attacks, but among the majors, SWA, FedEx, and UPS resumed hiring at a steady pace shortly afterwards, and national carriers like AirTran, Spirit, JetBlue, and Comair barely skipped a beat in their pilot hiring activities.

Fractional operators such as Executive Jet, Flight Options, and CitationShares also continue to routinely hire pilots.


There’s no denying that many U.S. airlines and their pilots suffered tremendous setbacks in 2001, but fortunately, recovery is on the way. In fact, the FAA forecasts that a year from now, barring unforeseen circumstances, airline passenger traffic should be back to normal, with yields also increasing for the airlines. The Administration suggests passenger traffic will then expand at an average annual rate of four percent over the next decade, reaching one billion passengers in 2013, which is three years later than predicted in the 2000 FAA forecast. Furthermore, the FAA says air cargo traffic should grow at a similar, or even better rate in the ensuing decade.

For pilots, this is good news amidst a storm of bad. Right now, patience certainly is required since it’s easy to become discouraged, but there are still opportunities available as long as one remains open to them.

Airlines Furloghed***Recalled***Remaining
Air Wisconsin 40 ** 0 ** 40
Allegheny 38 ** 38 ** 0
Aloha 26 ** 0 ** 26
America West 175 ** 114 ** 61
AE 304 ** 0 ** 304
ATA 88 ** 43 ** 45
Continental 593 ** 0 ** 593
CCair 13 ** 7 ** 6
Delta 745 ** 0 ** 745
Express Air 119 ** 119 ** 0
Hawaiian 20 ** 0 ** 20
Mesa 316 ** 115 ** 201
Mesaba 70 ** 58 ** 12
Midway 315 ** 51 ** 264
Midwest Express 105 ** 18 ** 87
NorthWest 490 ** 0 ** 490
Piedmont 21 ** 21 ** 0
PSA 41 ** 41 ** 0
Skyway 65 ** 8 ** 57
Spirit 121 ** 121 ** 0
Sun Country 285 ** 12 ** 273
Trans States 203 ** 52 ** 151
TWA 310 ** 0 ** 310
United 844 ** 0 ** 844
US Air 1,072** 0 ** 1,072

Totals 6,778 *** 818 *** 5,960

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