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I will be majoring in aviation managment in the fall, and when I looked in the course description, I saw that there was no foreign language. I have always wanted to learn french, and I didnt get the opportunity here in my high school. Is there any way that I could take French courses at purdue in an av. managment major? Thanks a lot for any help.
Hey there.

AT has an "Internationalization" requirement, which means you need to either take a foreign language, study abroad, or participate in some other "cultural" activity. So, there should be room for some French. It would fall under a humanities elective, and then any room you have from previous credit (AP, IB, etc) can go towards another class such as French.

There's always room for some other classes not depicted on the syllabus.

Good luck! See ya next year!

Just talk to your advisor when you schedule. You can take just about any class you want, but you do have required classes you need to take.

I think taking a foreign language counts towards your graduation. I never took a foreign language here, so my knowledge in this area is hazy.