Freedom Single Engine Landing at DAY


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Plane with one working engine lands safely at Dayton International Airport

DAYTON — A regional commuter jet, whose pilot issued a call for help when it was left with one operable engine, landed safely at Dayton International Airport on Tuesday night, Oct. 13, Dayton police and an airport spokeswoman said.
Emergency crews, put on alert about 8:30 p.m. regarding an airplane experiencing trouble on its approach to the airport, were told to stand down when the plane landed without incident by 8:50 p.m., Dayton Sgt. Damon Castor said.
Airport spokeswoman Linda Hughes said the Freedom Air flight, described as an E-145 regional commuter jet carrying 47 passengers and 3,500 pounds of fuel, landed with one working engine.
The airplane had been a direct flight from Detroit to Cincinnati.
It experienced trouble about 15 minutes from Dayton, Hughes said, and mechanics were examining the plane Tuesday night to determine the cause of the problem.