Free food!!!!!!!


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The Colgan ALPA Organizing Committee will be hosting a 'Grab a Bite to Eat' event in EWR on Friday, Sept. 19 with Pinnacle guests MEC Chair Scott Erickson and Communications Chair Richard Murase.

The event will be at Caliente Cab in Concourse C from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM!

All Pilots are welcome!


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Damn, this whole transition thing is getting in the way of my OC bites to eat.....grrrrr.

Wish I could be there to help, Segs!


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Why would I want to talk to Alpa? I thought it was a conflict of interest with Pncl?


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I will be in BTV from the night prior and wont hit EWR until I think 1800 or so. Being so cheap (those who have flown with me know that I spend about 5 bucks a four day) I thought of jumpseating back to EWR from BTV to eat and then jumpseating back to BTV for my flight and fly back to EWR.

The things I will do for a free meal.


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No problemo!

And you know I support my brothers (and sisters) up in the cockpit 100%. :) :rawk:


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I can think of many things you can do with 20-50 dollars in dues per month as a regional FO. Especially if you don't see anything for your return unless you happen to be wrongly terminated.