Forget Flying....

One time, at band camp......

sorry, couldn't resist
Ah yes, the days of band camp....

Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, or Tuba depending on what year you're talking about.....
Was in a jazz band... Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Sax. I'd love to be in another one, but I don't really know that many people around here.
I used to play everything that was not double reeded. Best band story: My fiberglass Sousaphone was cracking near the bell. I told the director about it. he said nothing. When we entered the field the band had to bow down and snap up. When I snapped down, i heard a loud crunch (no i didn't smack it on the ground) Later in the routine we had to do a sharp 180 degree turn. I turned, all of a sudden i felt off balance and my sousaphone sounded funny. i looked up, no bell. It had lopsidedly rolled down the yardline behind me. One of out band aides had to go pick it up so the line behind me didn't trip on it or jump over it.
Well, I played lead guitar in a Rush/Metallica cover band in high school. But that was like 10 years ago....

Seriously, though. I have wanted to get back into it. Anyone in or around Orlando interested?
I'd be interested except for the fact that I'm returning to my old job as a Entertainer Coach Driver/Audio Engineer. I'll be on the road until May.

The sad part is that I was going to start on my PPL last month, but the money on the road is a little too good to pass up right now.

Any yeah, I've got a few sousaphone stories like that, like the year that someone couldn't play their horn right because there was a rain poncho stuffed down the bell. He didn't figure it out (and neither did I) until the last game. Once, the whole section came pretty close to passing out because there were only 4 of us in a marching band that had about 150 winds on the field. That sucked....
I have been playing music for about 15 yrs. My claim to fame is my last band Sheltered-Life (website is no longer up but if you are bored you can run a search and read some articles about us) played with Evanesence, Earshot, Saliva, Breaking point. Sheltered Life had to split up due to the bass player getting arrested for stuff that gets you killed in prison...anyway we renamed our new project Moneyshot and are recording a demo! Oh and I too am a drummer.
Ya know, when I was in Memphis, TN (where I grew up and lived for 18 years before running away to college....), I couldn't find a drummer to save my life. Now it's raining drummers!
I have some drummer jokes:

Q. What do you call a guy who hangs around with musicians?

A. A drummer

Q. What does it mean when the drummer is drooling out of both sides of his mouth?

A. The stage is level.

Q. How do you make a drummer's car go faster?

A. Take off the Pizza Delivery sign.

Q. What do you call a drummer with no girlfriend?

A. Homeless.

And my favorite ....

Q. What are the last words of a drummer just before being replaced by the band?

A. "Hey I'd really like to sing some songs."

In fairness:

Q. How do you get a rock guitarist to turn it up?

A. Put him in a guitar store with other guitarists.

Q. How do you get him to turn it down?

A. Put sheet music in front of him.
Well when I was in like 9th grade I was part of his band called Lethal Injection To You (Heavy Metal)...Didint last very long it made up of on girl and three loser guys. After that mest up I played a bass drum in HS
Q. How do you get him to turn it down?

A. Put sheet music in front of him.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hey, wait a minute!

I did take a music theory class in HS. I could read music pretty well at one point. 'Course now it reads like stereo instructions in Japanese. I can actually read cyrillic Russian better than sheet music. I don't have to think as much.
I used to play clarinet... LOVED marching band!!

but that was WAY long ago - still have it, but haven't played it for years!!!!

are you looking to form a band???? or just asking out of curiosity?
Not playing with a band now but I do play bass, guitar, keyboards and drums. Drums have always been my favorite. Only have my synth now, an Alesis 6.2, quite nice. I'm going to bring it down with me to FSI and then buy guitars again when I get there. Music was/is my first love. Now aviation has taken over for the past three years.

Hey Tenney, loved the drummer jokes, I think. Know any "blond drummer" jokes? I've never heard any myself, but your almost
a funny guy, you can pull one out of a hat!
Or kick drum, or...
Blonde drummer jokes? I'll look around.

I do have a horn player joke though,

Q. What do you call a professional horn player with a beeper or cell phone?

A. An optimist.
Speak of the devil John, I'm actually a horn player first

Started playing Frencn Horn in 6th grade. I guess I was alright at it, didn't enjoy it most of the time. I was in a horn trio that got straight 1's at our state solo and I guess I could hold my own. Horn was just what got my foot in the door with music. My sophmore year of high school I started playing drums, and that's been the thing that has stuck with me. I started as a drumset player, but the thing I'm really into right now is marching percussion. I'm auditioning at an indoor drumline (WGI) next week, we'll see how things go. I've been fortunate enough to march in high school for 2 years on horn, 2 years on snare drum. After that I marched in college on snare drum for 2 years and played in front of a lot of people. My highest count is ballparked around 110,000 people at Michigan Stadium in 2001.


John Herreshoff