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I'm interested in the CFII/MEI program. If you don't have 15 PIC in a twin, how much would a 15 hour block cost? Also, can you get a checkout to go solo? If I'm paying for those 15 hours, I don't want to log the whole lot of it as dual or safety pilot. Also, any idea why there is a prerequisite to have 15 PIC to "start" this program? Just curious.

I did the CFII/MEI add on back in November, and I didn't have the 15 PIC prior to starting. I started with 12, but should have been able to do it with 9 since I took the first checkride after 6 hours of dual. I called while I was figuring our whether I wanted to do the course, and they called the instructor before and talked to him about it. I guess it was his choice. They also offer a long course for those who do not have the 15 hours.
The 15 hours is required to be able to instruct in that airplane. Like, to be an MEI, you have to have 15 hours ME time, if you did all of your training in the ME, then you'd have to log 15 hours SE time before you could instruct in a single engine. I could be wrong, but I think it applies to complex and high performance too, but like I said, I could be wrong. The 15 hours is an FAA thing, not an ATP thing.
It is category and class, nothing to do with complex or high performance. You must have the 15 hours before you take the checkride, but not before you begin the training like ATP requires.
Buzo is correct. Once you get a multi rating, you can now log that as PIC. So, any dual time toward your MEI is also PIC. As long as you've got 15 before the checkride, thats enough.

I can't quite figure out the difference between the short and the long besides a few more multi hours. Even under the long course, it says 15 PIC required to start. You say its up to the instructor though? I'll check into it some more I guess.

The MEI short course is 2 days long and $995 if you already have 15 PIC. You must have 15 PIC in order to instruct in a multi engine plane. The long course is 5 days long and $2195. This will get you 15 hours PIC so you can take your checkride.
There is not a prerequisite for PIC hours for the long program. Most people that do the long program only have PIC from their multi checkride. You would still log the time as PIC no matter which program you chose to do because you must already have your multi- commercial. We don't offer blocks of time in the seminole to the public. We only use our seminoles for our programs. Hope this answers your questions.