Vintage Restoration
Hey Doug! I was just reading your recurrent training synopsis, and came to FOQA. I think the acronym stands for Flight Operations Quality Assurance. Seems like that's the kind of thing being explained.

I'm good with the acronyms!
That's probably it!

For example, our checkrides are called "QA" -- Quality Assurance modules, but I didn't want to throw any more acronyms in the mix.

In reality:

Day 0: "M90GS"
Plain old MD-90 ground school just for DFW pilots

Day 1: "CQGS"
Pilot Hour/Human Factors
Joint Flght Attendant Training
Emergency Equipment Training
Threat and Error Management
Aircraft Systems Review and Test (MD-88 only)

Day 2: CQ-1
Flight Training Overview
Fleet Specific SPOT Training
Self-Study Topics
Selected Event Training Maneuvers

Day 3: CQ-2
Manuevers Training

Day 4: CQ-3 + Oral Examination
Oral Examination
Captains Maneuvers Validation
First Officers Maneuvers Validation
LOE (Line Operational Evaluation)

Actually, recurrent for most normal fleets are four days, but they add an extra day for DFW pilots (sort of a "Day 0" event) to review MD-90 differences/specifics.

Gotta love acronyms to be in this business!