Follow-up: Eye & BP issue?


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This is a follow-up to a question I asked back on Aug 5,2008
(Eye problem and BP issue?).

The issue was that I had started taking BP medication and this was my first time reporting this to the AME. I had all the required documentation but still the AME differed it to the FAA. He indicated that there was no specific medical issue but and the FAA would approve it but he had to differ it.

After returning home I called the AOPA medical folks and they told me that was not correct and that he could issue in the office. They suggested I ask the AME to call his local FAA medical office and see if they would give approval. I called the AME back but he had already departed for the day but his nurse agreed to ask him if he would contact the FAA. The following week I called back and the nurse told me the AME agreed and the office contacted the FAA and got approval to issue the 3rd class medical. I returned to his office to pick it up.

One issue remained, since the nurse had already electronically transmitted the deferral to the FAA the previous week she called the FAA to change the deferral to one of issued. Well after a few minutes she was on a 3 way call with LA and OKC, seems this was not allowed but after some more talking they made and exception and I got the certificate.

About 6 weeks later I get a letter from the FAA stating that after review they would approve the 3rd class for one year and enclosed a new certificate. To extend it to the full 2 years I would need to send new BP documentation to the FAA about a month before the new certificate expired. After that I would be on a normal 2 year cycle assuming BP was controlled.

But it wasn't medical issues that ended my flying it was the high cost of fuel and recent major financial setbacks the forced the sale of my aircraft.

Thats my story -- thanks for the help

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Sorry to hear your story. This is why we suggest you see an AME who performs more than 10 physicals a month, he will probably understand the regs better. The 85% of AMEs do about 25 a year. This is like seeing a heart surgeon who operates only once a month - makes no sense to me.