Flying with glasses


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Well, either i'm going down hill or nature is taking it's course on me. Im 22 years old and was just prescribed glasses. They're for my far-sight vision. Anyone know if I need to report this change to the FAA?

I also wanted to ask if I should even wear them in the cock-pit. Other than looking for traffic, my eyes are usually looking at things close up; like charts and gauges. Thanks, Adam
You don't have to report the change to the FAA. In fact, I wouldn't even worry about it until your next medical. If you can pass the test without the glasses, so be it.

But if you need assistance of the corrective lenses during your medical, it's going to be noted on your certificate. It's no big deal, but I like to keep things as simple as possible in the eyes of the FAA.

A lot, I'd almost say most of the captains that I fly with wear reading glasses for most of the near vision stuff, but their medicals still have "NONE" listed under limitations.

Worse comes to worse, you can require glasses and the FAA and airlines do not care