Flying While Dreaming...


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In the post thread of "sleeping while flying" I "accidently" added a short story on my flying dream last night. It wasn't the proper thread to do that in so now we have one.

I have had a lifetime of weird and scary flying dreams. As I got older my control over flight has improved. Usually it is unmanned flight, sometimes like last night it is powered.

You are now cleared for takeoff. What are your stories?
I was supposidly (as I was asleep and do not remember the dream) "controlling" air traffic in my sleep once.. Best thing I have
I always have dreams that I'm crashing but every dream I'm going through emergency procedures. I wonder if I do that when I get a little rusty on them. I never die though and to tell the truth some of my dreams our rushes. Do you guys ever have dreams the seam so real they scare you when you wake up? My girlfriend is prego oh wait it was a dream
Correction, the thread was "flying while sleeping", not what I said.

Cool JD, I never heard of ATC while dreaming! That's a new one.
I've had a good handful of airplane crashing dreams- but not a single one from a person in the plane view, always from an outside ground perspective..
The other night I had a dream that me and a buddy were getting ready to take off of an aircraft carrier because we were being attacked. The thing that was weird was that I was in a Grumman trainer (the plane that I normally rent from the FBO) and unarmed. Don't know what happened because I woke up before actually lifting off
Does this count?

We started FRJ training, we were given a set of Delta Connection Jepps including 15 unfiled revisions. I did the revisions in about 5-6 hours. That night, I dreamed that I was still doing revisions. AHHHHHH! Nightmare!!
I did have a dream (agh third post this thread!) that I started at ATP, but don't remember anymore than that!
I've had the falling dream (go figure), and the parachute-not-opening dream a few times. And I'm sure a few misc. flying-related ones, but only one that really stands out (near-midair).

As a side Psych professor at Riddle once told us that if you wake up from a dream and shake your head (or move your head at all for that matter), you will forget it easier. If you wake up and lay really still, you will remember it. Whether there's any truth to that, I don't know because I haven't tried it... usually when I wake up, its a half hour later than I intended to and I have to spring out of bed and jump into the shower, therefore moving my head.