Flying to Mexico / DVFR, ADIZ etc


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What are the requirements to fly into Mexico, and what would guys who do so often recommend?

I'll be in AZ end June/start July and would like to fly into Mexico, probably just a trip over the border for a few hours. If I can find someone to rent an a/c from which allows this, what requirements do I have re: flight plans (should I file an ICAO one or is an FAA DVFR one sufficient?) Reading some threads it seems I need to give an ETA (and stick to it) and obtain prior permission/PPR and pay handling fees.

Which is the best 'local' airport to fly into just across the border, I assume I get to use an FCC License too?

I've heard that the registration number on the side of the fuselage has to be 12 inches tall, you have to have a FCC radio license, and other than that I don't know.