Flying in the Netherlands


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I am a college student with my ppl. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me come up with any ideas to become a pilot for a dutch airline. I have many family friends who live there and would love to live there as well.

I know that I would have to get the JAA licence conversion, but there are so many more unknowns for me.

Is a bachelor's degree as critical for the European airlines as it is ours?

I seem to hear that getting my multi, instrument, atp, etc is much cheaper to do while still in the states.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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Note first that Sabena, Lufthansa, and several other carriers send their students here. KLM used to. I'd talk to KLM or someone at KLM City for better information about Dutch regs and the "normal" Dutch route.

All of the people I know over there have university degrees and it was much more important, since it's more competitive over there.

Send off an email to KLM and see what they require and would like. Nothing better than the source!

Lufthansa's is better, but here's KLM's: