Flying in Texas


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My company has a route in Texas (KDFW-KLBB) that I am curious about.
I'd enjoy some info about the airports, cities, route, wx, way-of-life...anything.
Thanks and Aloha.
Well, I'm a relatively new pilot, but I've lived in D/FW all my life so I feel pretty well qualified to speak about the place.

The controllers are more friendly than in other parts of the country, particularly the northeast. The people are typical Texan- friendly and gregarious as hell in person, rude as hell on the highway. Everyone lives in the mid-cities (Arlington, Plano, Irving, etc..) and works and plays in Dallas and Fort Worth. Winters are mild with a late February ice storm, Spring is all t'strms and rain, Summer is 90+ most of the time with plenty of low level turbulence and afternoon cumulus buildup. Fall is blase.

For fun, we have several hundred thousand sports bars, the Texas Rangers who choke every season, The Dallas Cowboys who spend 10 years doing cocaine after they win a superbowl, and the Dallas Mavericks who are getting better and better every year. If you have kids, take 'em to Arlington to the theme parks. If you're single, go to Dallas get drunk, and dance with hot chicks.

Fly east and you will see cows and oil fields and nothing else. There is nothing in Lubbock. Nothing.

Oh, and tell no one that you came here from Hawaii. They will look as you like you are insane. This is doubly true for pilots. Not that I don't like my home town, but I don't know a soul here that wouldn't pack up shop in a second to live in Hawaii.
What about the Stars Jim, the Stars? They aren't a bad hockey team
Actually, summers here are horrible! Hot, dry, humid....I have not been to one place yet in my life that has worse summer weather than D/FW, and I have traveled extensively thorughout the world.

The way I see it, Dallas can be pleasant if you make the best of it. There is not any real big attraction here, aside from Six Flags which gets old quick, so to have fun you must network....make big circles of friends to find out where all the "hot" spots are. I'll give you your first tip. Check out a place called "Sneaky Petes" on Lewisville lake. It is kind of a resort/marina on the lake which boasts a beachside atmosphere every weekend, complete with jetskis, volleyball, pools, food, beer, and oh yeah, the women
LBB has (or used to have) a good BBQ place about 5 minutes from the airport. We used to fly in for dinner from Midland all the time. I'll try and find the name. For the most part, my experience of TX was good. DFW is a big city with just about anything your looking for. LBB on the other hand is a small college town with not a lot to offer outside of drinking and lots of young college girls.

So how do you like flying square planes?

Hey guys thanks for the input. I like the idea of girls and beer.
This is an opening that I have a choice about,
and I'm trying to get the whole scoop. Pretty much anybody I know would call me insane to do it, but when I told
'em I was gonna be flying a Shorts that's what they thought too. But I'm lovin every minute of it!
What about the Stars Jim, the Stars? They aren't a bad hockey team

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Oh yeah!!