For Sale Flying Club Membership (St. Pete, FL)


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I'm looking to sell my ownership share of a beautiful 1981 Cessna 172. Club is the Pinellas Pilot's Association based out of KPIE. You can see pictures of the aircraft at

Great club - about 13 members (I believe) but I've never had difficulty getting the plane when I wanted it. Cost structure is as follows:

Ownership share: $1,300 (selling mine for $1,200)
Monthly fixed (insurance/tie down/annual): $125
Hourly wet (hobbs): $80

Airplane is incredibly well equipped - IFR GPS, color moving map screen, digital engine gauges, 10 on the paint, 10 on the interior - purchased for around $70k, probably worth $100k (according to our mechanic).

Send me a PM with any questions - please forward to anyone in the area who might also be interested. Definitely the most affordable way to fly a nice, safe aircraft.


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beautiful airplane, considering the age! wish it was in orlando.
Thanks, it really is. It's been a joy to fly - I'm just looking to take some time off from flying to focus on family finances and my career.

Here's a panel shot I took a couple of weeks ago ...