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Hey man i saw your avatar in another post and i noticed your bright yellow headset....could this be a flightcom denali ANR...and if so what do you think of it, i was thinkin about buying one....

and if it isnt then this is a wasted post and everyone your wasting your time....

Im open to anyone else's opinions by the way.



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I have the blue version of the Denali ANR's. I've had them for a couple years now and have had no problems. They are very lightweight and fit comfortably over the ears. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable ANR headset.


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Yeah they are the Denalis, but the passive version. I use earplugs underneath my headset and that works fine to block out the props or other noise. Sometimes I even prefer to leave the plugs out, since I can be more aware to things going on in the back and strange sounds like circuit breakers popping and what not. They are VERY comfortable on 7 leg days with 8 hours of flying!

I was on the fence about ANR (whether it was needed or not) so I figured I'd just go passive and save the money.


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To address Matt's ANR decision, I've only had limited exposure to the ANR options out there, but am very impressed. I've used both LightSpeed 20XLs and David Clark whatever-the-number-is ENCs and they both make a significant difference. The LightSpeeds are much quieter interms of ANR and are very comfortable, but the DCs are built like tanks and still work quite well.

Even considering that I am now a poor flight student, I feel that the extra money was very well spent. I'd do it again in a heartbeat (though the low frequency soundwaves of said heartbeat would be cancelled by an out of phase counter-wave of equal . . . ah . . . nevermind).


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I have used some ANR Bose ones, not sure what model, but man those things blocked out sound like no other, and they were extremely comfortable.


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Oh! I completely forgot! I wore a pair of Bose the other day in a Cirrus and, though they were a lot slimmer than the LightSpeeds, the ANR was about the same.

Now, no matter what headset you use, the SR22 was one sweet plane. To bad the takeoff and landing rolls are so long and the airframe is limited to 4000-and-some-odd hours. Oh yeah, it's also too bad that it's a cool $350,000. Guess it'll be a while before I have one in my backyard.


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I got the blue ANR Denali....... I thought they were good until the sound started getting distorted.

Not that big of a deal however, lucky for me, these came with 3 years warantty..........I still use it with the ANR off, just havent gotten around to sending it in yet.

I'd still recommend it.


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I was a “serial borrower” for the first six months I was flying but it only took one flight with the Bose ANR headset and I was sold. Very light weight and low profile, comfort is beyond anything else I tried. They are however not cheap and a guy can finance a bit of flying for what he’ll throw down for the Bose headset.


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I have two sets that I use regularly. D-C 13.4 and a 13.4 ANR. Love em' both.
The ANR is the best, but the battery box (it's an older model) can be a pain to carry depending upon the layout of the cockpit.