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Does anyone have an opinion about FIT's flight school? My son is considering FIT for college/flight training. Their admissions dept. does an excellent job of keeping in touch with prospective students. They seem to have a more diverse student body--students with different interests than aviation, but they run a big flight training program. We've visited ERAU and we are planning a visit to FIT and wonder if we could get your impressions. Thanks
I looked into FIT after I saw your post. I already have a degree, so I e-mailed them to find out if you had to go through a degree program or if you could simply do flight training. I got a very quick response and I can simply do the flight training. I would like to know what you find out when you visit. I will probably talk with them in the next few days. If I come up with anything I will let you know.
Hey RM7599,
I'm in the same boat you are. I have my degree and I'm looking for a program with flight only. I looked into FIT and I did not see any printed material that pointed to a flight only program. Can you tell me any further information they gave as far as cost, time, etc. Thanks in advance for a reply.
Hello Guys,
I am most likely attending the "Open House" seminar April 6th. I just recieved word of it by e-mail so I gotta think it over....travel form Seattle to Flordia hmmmm??? I'll probably go since FIT is under my "Top 2" universities to go too. We shall see though. Anyone else interested or does attend FIT out there?? Need some more input. I know there is a couple of guys in this forum that are thinking of going there "just for the flight training". I would love too hear from someone who is attending FIT...and perhaps talk about how awesome it is flying out of Melbourne Int'l. Anyway.... ~ tailwinds


I e-mailed them, and yes, they do have just a flight program. You don't have to be in a degree program to do flight training with them. Ah hell, let's just all go and do our training there. At least we will already have some friends!!! Open house??? I will have to look into that. I live in Oklahoma City so it is kinda far for me too.......ok, well it's not as far a Seattle:eek:) Let's keep each other posted.....it seems like a good school!
No, not yet. We are going to visit the school over Spring Break. We will also tour the flight line. My son is interested in their Aviation Management w/ Flight degree or their AE program. So far, we are very impressed with their Admissions department. They are very helpful and respond to any questions in a timely manner. We have a few friends who are pilots and they have told us the school has an excellent reputation. We have been told to consider UND,ERAU and FIT for their pro-pilot programs. We visited ERAU last year. I must tell you that for they money they want, the facilities could be better. The flight line is great, but things a parent cares about--dorms, labs, and food facilities are pretty mundane. The dorms were really pretty awful. There is no "college" atmosphere there at all. So we'll have something to compare them to when we see the set up at FIT. We'll let you know how things look when we get back. More than one pilot has told us that UND grads are well regarded because they get more weather training than ERAU grads. (UND seems like it offers a real college experience. It's pretty far away, though.) The turnover is so great at ERAU that some pilots come out of there making the same mistakes that they've learned from their young CFIs. That's not my opinion, but one of a few pro pilots. So, we're going to look at FIT and see how that looks. They have many new buildings including brand new phys ed center for students and fairly new engineering building. Lots of internships available with NASA, etc. So we'll see. Hope this helps. Please, folks, refrain from beating me up for these comments. I have no ax to grind, just a parent trying to figure out the best thing for my son. When you're facing 100k plus for college, you try to find out all you can.
I'm not exactly sure as to what year your son is in high school, but just thought I would share my story. I'm a high school senior (from Dayton, Ohio) and I looked at all the differnt flight schools (ERAU, FIT, Ohio State, and UND)visited each one and did pretty thorough research and I decided on UND. After visiting there and meeting the staff and touring the facilities I was REAL impressed. The flight line there is amazing and everyone was really professional and knowledgable. The other thing that sold me was that I knew that I would get a good college experience as well as a good education. Like you said I don't think that ERAU would have given me that kind of experience. Granted it is a a pretty good haul out there from Ohio, I figure it will be worth it. Feel free to ask any questions, I can do my best to answer them.
Our son is only a sophomore, so we look forward to your posts on UND during the next few years. If you look to previous topic, you'll see our comments on FIT visit. And we've also added something regarding UND at their site. UND has a great summer camp for juniors in high school, and we may use that for our son to get a good look at the school. Best of luck to you and keep the UND posts coming.