Florida flight schools/academys


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So next week I'm visiting the grandparents in Florida for thanks giving. They live in a retirement community so I'm going to be plenty bored, I figured I might as well go check out some flight schools. They live in the Sarasota area, any suggestions on where to go within a reasonable distance?
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Most of the bigger Academies I'm aware of are on the east side of the state. Ari Ben, DCI, Phoenix East. You don't have to many choices getting there, North to Brandon then east on 60 towards Vero Beach, or South to Fort Meyers and east to West Palm and then north again. No roads that I know of go straight to the east coast of Florida from Sarasota.

I'm sure there is someone on here that knows the area better than I:D


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Cirrus Aviation is in Sarasota, but if you're looking for a larger career training school you'll have to go at least to Orlando.


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There's a place in Kissisimee called Sunstate Aviation that I did some training in. They are not the cheapest and they are not the most expensive.

You might check them out. Keep in mind that the hours they quote you are based on minimums and I never met anyone that could finish in the minimums.


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Take a 25 minute drive to Venice and sniff' around a bit. There are (I think) two on the field. I'd steer clear of FFT.