Florida Flight Doc (MCO)


Old enough to have watched Wings live on TV.
Anybody tried Florida Flight Doctor in Orlando for a medical? Wondering what it's like? EKGs on site? What kind of eye test? The price is right
Anyone else have any reviews pro or con on this doctor before I make an appointment?

I am not due for EKG's, but he's my regular AME. Real cool easy going Dr. He's of the "call me if you have any questions before filling out MedExpress" type, and I have had off the record conversations with him about potentially prescribed meds, medical procedures, etc... "My G.P wants me to take this script for XX condition or if I get LASIK what do I have to do?"

FWIW there is an AME 20 mins by car from my house and I've done the 100NM XC from home to have a physicals with him.

Feel free to PM for any other info.