Florida Aerial Advertising

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Just curious if anyone knew anything about this company, good or bad. I was also curious if anyone would mind tossing out what some other banner tow guys and girls are getting paid.

Is it normal to have to make your own banners/change your oil?

The good 'ole PFT discussion aside, what is average ($ wise) to get a banner company to turn you loose in their plane?


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I think it was another company operating out of KSPG, but do an accident search for that airport. You'll find an incident where a student pilot crashed on landing and then blamed it on oil streaking across the windshield. Inspection showed no oil leakage and a clean windshield.


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Isn't this the scam place? They charge you $$ to get "checked out" and then never call you back.


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I called and talked to the guy a couple days ago. Didn't sound too great. He wants 2800 dollars to get you certified and make sure you are "where you should be" as he put it with your flying skills and crosswind landings before he will solo you (he's not a cfi that just sounded wierd). He is not a cfi he just does the training. Once certified pay is 18 bux (first 9 months 20 bux after that) an hour flying 600-650 hours a year. You also help on the plane in the shop for 7 bux an hour. You fly the plane 20 minutes to some farmers field to tow the banners. I was never really interested just curious as to what an operation like that was like and how much it paid.


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Yeah I think it's a scam, they take your money, you fly a bit and then they never call you.


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Yeah eff'n right, I'm going to pay some scam artist $2800 to prove to him that I know how to fly crappy airplanes so that I can barely make enough money during the first year to recoup my initial indoc expense, not to mention the cost of moving to Florida.

Wh is it that the coolest lifestyle ever attracts the biggest sleeze ever?


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There are reputalble banner companies out there.

Van Wagner flies all over the country. There are a few places in San Diego that don't charge you to "train." LA area also has a few outfits.

Look around, beaches are a big market, so Seattle is proabably out.


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I actually intervied at the scam place in Daytona. After about 15 minutes I said NO THANKS and got the heck out of there, $2800 dollars to work for you flying a 172, NO.

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