Flight Schools in Vegas


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I am looking to go to Vegas to do my ATP. Can anyone tell me of anywhere down there that rents a Duchess?
I don't know if they have a Duchess ( I think they might, though) but you could look at Sheble Aviation.


I think they have an operation out of Henderson Field.
At North Las Vegas there is a chap called Mr. Wallace (I have forgotten his first name or which flight school he is out of- I will look for it later) he is a tremendous chap and certainly worth asking around for. If you can get him even just to have a chat you are in great hands.
I think he flew out of West Air although there are no pictures of him on their site. Their dispatcher looks awfully nice though!
It looks like Westair only has Seneca's. I am not looking for a place to do training. I am going to do some training in Seattle in a Duchess and the examiner I am taking my ride with is in Vegas, so I am trying to find the same type of plane.
I'm not sure you'll find a Duchess in Las Vegas. I haven't seen any at VGT. I'm the instructor at All ATPS in Vegas, and we fly the very similar Seminole. Send me an email if you like and I can give you the details in case you're interested in doing the training down in here. We've got a great program!