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I will be touring FSA in August, and was just wondering what information anyone can tell me with regards to the Academy. They are offering for me to stay on the campus free of charge for 2 nights in order to tour. Just wnated to know if anyone has any insight as to how the process goes, or what I can expect once I get there. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
I did this last month, and liked it very much. I highly recommend taking them up on their offer. Staying on campus was very handy, as you get to meet a lot of people and see what goes on. It's also better than spending money on Vero's few and expensive hotels. I really liked the bungalow I stayed in, and wouldn't mind living there. A bit expensive, but it's right there. I think the one I stayed in was $690 a month, but it includes utilities and furniture. Kind of like a hotel.

You arrive at FSI, and get the key from Marketing in the admin building, or from the dispatch desk at the ramp if it's after 5. Everyone is very professional. The tour will be the next day, usually 2-3 hours, led by a student who works for marketing. No pressure here. They take you everywhere, and everyone is very helpful and receptive to questions. Take a camera. Very informative, and it helps to have a checklist of questions made up beforehand.

You have a LOT of extra time in Vero, so explore.

Definately take some time and talk to the some of the students in the cafe....away from the tour. This is where you will get a lot a valuable insight into the culture, school, etc...