flight safety lawsuit?


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i was browsing around on ilsapproach.com and someone posted that the city of vero beach is suing flight safety.(didn't say why) and if fsi loses, they will more than likely shut their doors. then there was something said about buffet just using the place as a tax write off? anyone heard anything about this? i believe he was just talking about the academy, not the whole company.
I did a search on TCpalm.com, the local newspaper for Vero Beach and the surrounding area and didnt find a single article on the subject, so I am assuming its a rumor.....
If the story is true, its probably over airport noise again. I'm not too worried though, FSI, unlike ATA, is a pretty big company with a strong reputation in the industry. They're not going to close over a stupid local lawsuit. They also have a pretty strong ally right next door in Piper- Piper has a ton of influence over the city and what goes on there.
Information from \"The Source\" about FlightSafety

We have recently heard that there are rumors circulating about FlightSafety closing it's doors; not doubt it is probably a competitor fueling these erroneous stories, but none the less they are damaging even though they are completely false. FlightSafety Academy is doing very well and operates as an independent, wholly owned, subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway ( a Warren Buffet company). There is no such lawsuit or anything of that nature that could be misconstrued as lawsuit between FSI and the city of Vero Beach. We are in good standing with our city and have been since 1967. We are not closing our doors or going out of business.

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Re: Information from \"The Source\" about FlightSafety

I also remember reading an article about the results of a year long noise study around the airport and Vero along with FSI passed with flying colors.

That said there are always going to be people who complain about the noise....The airport has been there since the damn 30's. Don't build your $1 million house at the end of a 7,400 foot runway!!!!!