FLight Safety and Degrees


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I heard that Flight Safety has a program that will give you a Degree which counts as 2 years college after you finish the program. Is this true if not, is there any other flight Schools that do this instead of going through college first.
Im not aware of any degree program at FSI. Anyone else know about this?

I always thought that most airlines wanted a four year degree if they want one at all.
No flight school can do this...think about what is involved in an Associate's (2yr) degree...it's almost exclusively General Education classes. Math, English, etc etc

I talked with Rich from the marketing dept the other day and asked about this samething. He told me that when a person is finished at FSI you can get a total 33 credits towards a degree through the ERAU program there, all credit stemming from you training. Of course this a long way from graduation, but it is a start.