Flight of two


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Has anyone flown as a flight of two (or more for that matter) through controlled airspace? What are the initial calls like and what if any special prodcedures are in place for such a flight?


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I've done it. We just had the lead make all calls as "(Tailnumber) Flight". Heck, we even took off in formation. We know the tower people and they wanted a "treat." It is Class C airspace.


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yep a bunch of times, the ATC will ask #2 to turn off his transponder, because they will get a warning about too close traffic/collision


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It's fun. I did it at night through Charlie. I was #2 and they had me keep the transponder on standby. All calls were taken by #1. I didn't get to talk until we got to the uncontrolled destination and switched to CTAF.