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FLight Instructors, Miami FL


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SILVER EXPRESS CO. Flight Instructors Miami FL, Tel: Fax: 786-206-1568 http://uspilot.com/mail_resume.php?joblist_id=894 Web site: www.silverexpress.biz

Silver Express - We are a busy, well established flight school teaching Part 141 and 61. Our
fleet consists of C-152s, Cessna C-172R and Piper Cadets, Archer, Arrow and a Seminole.
Requirements: Applicants must possess at least a Commercial SEL, MEL, CFI, and current Class I
or Class II Medical Certificate. We uphold a high standard of performance from our Instructors.
We view this position as an important step in your personal career path and expect no less
dedication in the performance of your duties that you will give the airlines later on. Email:
cfijob@silverexpress.biz / Fax: 786-206-1568


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I guess I'll play the roll of Debbie Downer...

Signing bonus: Effective May 1, 2007, a signing bonus of $1,000 is being offered to the first instructor hired and $500 to the second.