Flight Instructor (Seattle, WA)


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Flight Instructor
Wings Aloft
King County International Airport
8467 Perimeter Rd So.
Seattle, WA 98108
Web site: www.wingsaloft.com

CFI with current medical.

Job Description:
Provide Part 141 & Part 61 ground and flight instruction in Cessna 172, 172RG, 172G1000, 182RG, SR20, SR22, SR22 w/PFD/MFD, C206; Piper Seneca; charter flights in the Chancellor 414AW; charter positions are available based on performance and productivity; salary positions as a flight instructor in our Professional Pilot Program (ab initio) are available and current hiring is immediate.

$2000/month plus free housing and transportation

Application/Interview Process
Send cover letter and resume to Krisit Curran at Jobs@wingsaloft.com; initial phone interview flollowed by in-person interview.
I interviewed at this place a couple years ago. They have alot of forgein contract students, and you are responible for getting your own students. But the more you fly, the higher you pay scale. Not sure what it is though. And their charter program is highly competitive, you have to fly ALOT to get right seat in it.
Every time I've tried working there they say they are not hiring and put my resume on file :whatever:
I sent my resume. Thats my home area so I really hope they give me a call back. I am SICK of El Paso.....