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Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines Hyannis, Massachusetts:
The on‐duty flight follower will, in addition to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of company and Federal regulations, coordinate the minute‐to-minute daily operation of the airline, manage the flow of aircraft and crews in company operations and serve as the focal point for all communication, information and decisions affecting that flow. The on‐duty flight follower will participate in decision‐making responsibility during operation irregularities, after input from appropriate Flight, Maintenance and/or passenger service personnel; unless a given decision, responsibility is defined otherwise in company or Federal regulations.

  • Oversees the safe operation of the daily company flight schedule
  • With access to all information integral to the operation, acts as the center of communication for pilots, station operations agents, maintenance personnel, and flight management personnel
  • Performs his/her duties from System Operations Control (SOC) at the company’s Hyannis headquarters
  • Monitors and ensures accuracy of FLIFO
  • Assigned a desk for his/her duty period
  • Work with a “Team Approach” to desk coverage:
    • When a higher than expected workload is encountered due to weather, delays, mechanical irregularities or other disruptions, flight followers will assist other members of the team with communications, coordination and other duties in order to make situation more manageable
  • Required to complete a Competency Check with an Air Transport Supervisor (ATS), will receive “solo” sign off
  • Required to complete Competency Check after annual recurrent training or after a retraining event
  • Additional duties as assigned

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