Flexjet Pilots Oust Teamsters


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Janus decision really isn't relevant. Only applies to public sector unions.

But stupid decision. As much as I hate the IBT, they're still better than having nothing at all.
Moreso referring to the optics than direct affect.


I'm probably commenting ironically...
As I understand it, out of seniority progression was a big draw...
yes there were several (not a lot) but there were challenger/lear FO’s getting Gulfstream Captain bypassing dozens of pilots.

(for what it’s worth, you make more as a Red Label Challenger Captain than a Gulfstream/Global Captain)


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A couple weeks ago I talked to a FLEX phenom 300 crew on the ramp. He wasn’t happy, incredibly long upgrade and described the company as constant drama.

Not sure if the union or lack of will improve that person’s concerns.

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Not surprising at all. I have friends there and Flops and to be perfectly honest, if you make a career out of either, you’re for sure stupid enough to vote to decert your union. 20 year Flops guys making 100k working like slaves. I thought NetJets was bad, Flex/Flops is 100 times worse.