First Student


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I had my first student Monday and WOW. I was nervous when we got in the plane but kept my cool. The flight was only .4 and we did 3 takeoff and landings. I left him do most of the flying although I couldnt keep my hands from the controls on the flare. It wasnt so bad afterall though. The downside is that hes a 44 hour student pilot that just needs finished off! Not like hes a newbie woh has never flown. After we got out of the plane one of my buddies (another CFI) asked if I told him. I hadnt told him but as soon as he heard that, he wanted to know what I hadnt told him. So I told him and he was cool with it, he even wants me to finish him off. .4 dual given! And I will never forget that flight. Today Ive got an intro and a BFR, that should be exciting.

Exciting eh?

I figured that once the economy turns around I'm going to renew my CFI certificate and do some flight instruction out here in Phoenix.
Im not being a but hole but why would you want to do that?
Wouldnt it be better to give someone else a chance who doesnt have a CFI job? I mean you already have a job for Delta and there are people out there who need to fill a job in order to get into the Aviation business.
Yikes! Eaaaasy there Yarso.

Re-read Doug's post. He said "when the economy turns around"... meaning, that he likely would NOT be taking someone's position.

That being said: As a student, I would SO dig having an airline pilot as an instructor!! Who better to show you the ropes.

Most cool, Doug!!
Ready 2 fly like I said Im not being a buthole. I read Dougs post. Sure it would be really really cool having an Airline pilot as your instructor. But as Doug said in his path to the cockpit he spent quite a while going around different FBO's trying to find a job. Im just thinking maybe with the economy back on its legs that it will still be kind of hard to find a decent CFI job. No pun intended.