First Solo


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After starting lessons while working down at Hurricane Katrina, having to postpone lessons for a couple of years after that, starting over in essence from square one, and 20 hours later, I made my first solo today. Not even getting my Eagle Scout badge pinned on me brought as much of a sense of accomplishment, and this is only the FIRST milestone. I can't wait to feel what the next milestones are going to be like. :D

As my instructor said, "Well, at this point, if you become absolutely nothing else in life, you've become a pilot."



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AWESOME! You'll never forget this day.

Go home and write up a story about everything you felt you felt during the day.

Any pilot in history will be able to tell you about their first solo experience....and now you can join in the discussion.

Great job!:D


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Thanks, all!

And get this...working the overnight tonight, Jay Leno's plane had a mechanical issue and they were stuck here for about 4 hours. We were talking a little bit, and I mentioned it to him like I've been 'mentioning' it to everyone today. :D He congratulated me cool is that??? :cwm27: