First Solo Shirts


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So I had my first primary student go solo....pretty cool feeling to see someone go from "No aviation experience to operating an airplane all by themself"

Anyways, I cut his shirt and am thinking about what to do to decorate it. I've seen some around here where they draw the airplane, runway, maybe control tower, and then just put the date/ plane info/ pilot/cfi name.

Any other tips?


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What other methods instructors use for first solo celebrations? In my case the instructor threw a cold bucket of water over me. At the end it was not that bad....................:D

Bob Ridpath

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Way back in the dark ages, mine was affixed with registration number, airport, runway, instructor's signature, date and time. Still framed with a Boston sectional chart as background, although not displayed for years and years.


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I used to draw a picture of an airplane and put the tail number on the side, maybe lifting off from the runway which was numbered appropriately. I would usually try to write something about the flight including their name, date, and airport ID. I would usually write my name and CFI number on the bottom, kinda like a logbook entry.

I am NOT an artist, so I had some makeshift template of an airplane I would use, My students thought it was neat though.


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I never drew anything, I can't draw. Just the facts. <Name, Solo, Date, N-number, CFI, KABC, sometimes the runway>


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If you can't draw very well like myself, you can print an airplane picture, cut it out and use it as a stencil.

Ash Williams

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Also, tell them to put one of your memorable lines/quotes on there. Tell them everything is fair game except for "More right rudder!" (Everybody puts that) You'd be surprised what sticks out in their mind/things people remember.

- "See how it looks like we are descending into trees...? It's because we are, you should fix it."
- "Aaaaand.... My flight controls."


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A picture of a middle finger representing what they are now seeing as they also have "the addiction."

They're, umm, well, you get the picture.


I would write something that was a common joke along the way. I had one student who had "full power final" and another one with "say again for XXX" along with a poorly drawn airplane