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Wahoo. I am the first poster in this forum. I don't know much about TAb. They have really nice marketing material though. My son has one of their posters on his wall. I am looking forward to learning more though.
Hi. I'm expecting an info packet soon myself from TAB. Have you had anymore thoughts about this place?
TAB is expensive compared to some flight schools but you do get some King Air. Not sure how much that turbine time will help with only 300 hours but hey its your money. I personally know a few of the guys there and they are cool. Just make sure you leave all your options open and get the best fit for you
Hey Tim, Thanks for the info. Yes they're expensive. I've got 3 different schools that I'm looking at. Now, I am just gathering reading material to do homework before I go visit these places. I've got approx 200 hrs TT PPL and now I'm looking to get other ratings. Just not sure which path to take. Wish me Luck !
Expensive, but King Air's are a wee bit more to operate than a Duchess! :)
I do have more thoughts about them. When I first looked at them i thought to myself that it was an awesome program. I still do. I really believe that going through their program, you will come out a very well trained and prepared pilot. My problem is that you don't have enough hours to get hired right now when you finish. If things in the industry turn around significanly before I start training, I may end up headed to TAB though.
If I recall, a lot of TAB's instructors are current or retired airline pilots.

That's GOT to be some great insight!!

I think TAB has it right. Let the guys/gals who have years/decades of experience under their belts instruct those who don't.

I can't tell you how many times I've told people that I will most likely be instructing FIRST before going to an airline. They usually say "that makes no sense. You'll only have a few hundred hours."

My response: "I know, but whaddya gonna do?" :crazy:


Bottom line - do what is best for YOU.

I like TAB's approach myself and would consider it if I were going the "fast track" route.
Hey Folks ! Thanks for the positve responses ! I should be receiving an info packet soon and should be going to the central FL area within the month to visit TAB plus 2 other schools. I will keep everybody posted on my findings.

I grew up in Deland and have visited Tab on quite a few occasions. I even took a loft flight with a coulpe of the more senior students and thought very highly of them. The King Airs are older but well maintained and their Sim is great, I got to take it for a spin. The town of Deland is very small and is home to Stetson University. It is located about 25 miles from Daytona so the potential for fun is definatley there when you get some time later in your training. From what I understand, the first couple of months you are at TAB you are in gound school learning the King Air systems and your actual ratings (ground school) are pretty much self study and self taught although the instructors are open to any questions you may have.
The training contract you have to sign is quite strict and you dont get a refund after you begin the actual flights (from what I can remember). I spoke with the owner a few times and he was very frank and straightforward which I appreciated and he did let me have a copy of their contract.
All in all, I really think TAB has a great concept and yes they are expensive but you get the valued Twin Turbine Time, one of the downsides is when you graduate, you will not have your CFI ratings so if you can't land a job as a pilot anywhere, you are pretty much sitting on your arse and you have to go somewhere else and pay some more to obtain your CFI ratings...if the industry was hiring now like they were 2 years ago, this program would be ideal, but for now.....choose whatever suits you and your wallet.
The 2 guys that are recruiters Mitch and Al I know from being a student at ATA in Orlando. The concept is great and who wouldnt love some turbine time. One of the instructors Dennis started at ATA when I did but he left and finished up at TAB. Nick and Mike were both instructors at ATA and I dont ever remember hearing one bad thing about them. Mike was asst chief pilot for a short time. All 3 are have their stuff together and a good teaching persona. Like mentioned before you have to just go with you gut and what fits you the best. You will know when you find it.
FLDiver and Tim... I appreciate the positive comments about the place. Seems like as I'm reading some other threads about other schools, somebody is saying something negative about each and every school but I really haven't read anything neg. about TAB besides $$ and no CFI rating when you get done but you'd think if you could afford and survive a program such as TAB you could pick up a CFI rating afterwards. As for me , I have a couple of King Air contacts that might could help me out. So, after further R&D of TAB Express , I'll look forward to my visit with them. I will be in touch with you guys when I return.

ps. I work nights so I don't get a chance to respond when I like too. Thanks again for the comments

Oh.. BTW.. the other school I am going to look at is Epic Aviation in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Any knowlege of this place ?? ... anybody

Any knowlege of this place ?? ... anybody

I don't have any knowledge of this place, but I went to the website. Seems like a shady website, never gives a cost of the whole program, how much you will be paying (or getting paid, doubt that though) for the 300 hours of SIC time in the metroliners and shorts. I feel that a school should be very honest on their website and have every bit of little information on it. The more info you can get from a website, the better an actual visit to that school will be. So if they are not putting everything on there, that would raise a red flag in my mind. I know you can send out for a brochure, but the they will have your adress and phone number to keep bothering you.
I have received a info packet from Epic and the program outline is different than the website's outline. It appears that it is taylored for the zero time applicant. Since I have approx 200 hrs TT , I would assume it would be a custom package that they would draw up. I also think that the school is fairly new, so the website may have some "under construction" areas in it. I'll have a list of questions for sure when I do go.

I did receive TAB's package in the mail today. Talked to them Thurs. and got package today..not bad. The DVD they send is a mini disc that is a snapshot of the website and the video is the same video from the website as well. However, it does have more reading material that I'll read through this evening. So , the search continues..decisions decisions. But I will make the landing soon !

Hey Dan,

I guess my post came off as negative. I didn't know it was a newer school, but I still think they could have the cost up there. That is the first thing a student will look at, and they don't even have that in the FAQ, which is the #1 question from just about everybody. If you can post on here what your brochure from Epic says that would be great, like costs, the metroliner and shorts training.

You're right, I don't think the website actually gives you a "package price" but it does have some price per phase listings. I guess you develop a package from that list, just not sure how they do that part, But yes! price is a big concern. Did you look at the Professional Pilot program of the site and the flash demo ? According to them , they have mostly new aircraft. My brochere says New172SP and it is a Cessna Pilot Center using the computer based training. I have not seen any of those CD's they use for that. They sent me a demo PPL disk to view. Pretty cool, interactive plus inflight footage, etc. Again , I'll just have to get my questionaire sheet ready and go check them out.

Thanks for your input and any other suggestions ! :)

Not trying to sound negative but just because its has newer planes dont mean much. I went to a school, no longer in business, in Orlando and they had a bunch of new 172 R models. Get a feel for the place and you gut will help in the end.
Yes, this is true. Besides, I might be best not to get used to the leather seats :) I will at least check them out just to see. Thanks for your insights !

My main concern after viewing TAB's website is that the only regional airline that they name in their bridge program is with American Eagle. Eagle won't be hiring for a long time, as I understand it.
First of all , thanks for all the feedback from you guys ! I visit this site daily and it is full of information, so much that it is giving me more angles of attack on pursuing my flight training. I could stay here locally at the FBO and keep my current job (Fedex full time) and slowly do more training or do the "move and eat, drink, sleep flying" type of program , just not sure which route is best for me, I know I am the only one who can make that decision I just have to jump in and do it.... Man , I thought the cereal aisle at the grocery store was a hard enough decision

Take Care All !