First big career decision.


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Currently I am 29 years old living in DFW and have been flying a Lear 31A for the last 2 years but it is time to move on. We only fly about 10 hours per month and I know if I ever want to reach my dreams of Fedex or another heavy international carrier its time to start looking. From everything I read the majors would like 121 time or if its 135 it needs to be in aircraft 30,000lb plus. I wanted to avoid the regions, but the chances of finding a challenger/gulfstream job with my time is very unlikely so I am thinking of heading to the regionals. I am single with money saved up so I can suck it up and take the low pay/poor qol for a few years if it helps my career. Any advice that y'all have would be greatly appreciated.

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Dude, everyone has their own opinion on what you should do.

When I was at the cross roads of leaving AK 135 flying to go be a Regional weeny, I asked 3 guys "heads or tails" on our company freq.
I left shortly after to fly the big iron!
Three years later I'm not flying an RJ, but in the infancy of something that allows me to join another sub-forum here. (while still accruing seniority at RJ place). Leaving to fly an RJ was an avenue to allow me to do what I'm doing now. So one door was closed, but another was opened.

So, do what YOU think is best, not what I think is best, or anyone else on here.
If your single and have money saved up id go to a regional if you want to fly 121 in the future. Move to your base and life won't be that bad especially after first year pay.

As far as what regional to work for that's a pretty big toss up. Personally I like the looks of compass right now. The potential is there for a very quick upgrade and they have a descent contract that's rumored to get better soon.