Firefighting foam fills a Long Beach airport hangar


Firefighting foam fills a Long Beach airport hangar
Associated Press
December 12, 2008

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Thousands of gallons of firefighting foam were accidentally released Thursday in a Long Beach airport hangar, covering a police helicopter and other vehicles with fizzy bubbles.

A technician inadvertently set off the firefighting system, and minutes later the hangar was filled to the ceiling with foam, Long Beach Fire Battalion Chief Frank Hayes said.

Firefighters and cleanup crews used high-powered vacuums to remove some of the lather; the rest was draining into a catch basin underneath the airport, Hayes said.

Hayes did not know if the vehicles were still working. The foam was expected to be completely removed by early today.


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Too funny.
The LBPD choppa is based there and I heard it was submerged in foam. Guess it will be flying less than its already poor performance schedule.


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Add a strobe light and some drunk, 100 half naked college chicks and you've got Spring Break.


Oh God..... Never Again. If you have been there you know what I mean. Otherwise, It's not just dancing that goes on in that foam. It's pretty gross.


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I've never gone to spring break, actually. A few of my friends have. We call my one friend "Petree". Like the dish that is used to grow all sorts of bacteria, virii, etc.?

I'm sure you can figure out why.



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IIRC the fire fighting foam mixed with the sprinkler system water has a distinct odor that would not be conducive to any romantic encounters. :panic:


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Yeah I saw pics of this happening twice already, one was at a military base. Apparently its not that difficult to set them off.