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Having finished the ACPP in Stuart last month, I'm very happy to say that I am now working for ATP as a CFI in Jax.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to reintroduce myself, and will try to help and answer as many questions as I can about ATP. For those of you who might be familiar with the ongoing saga of my flight training, this is a huge step forward. This website was the single best source of information I had to make my decisions, so thanks Doug!

Congrats! Maybe I will come down and get my MEI there sometime.

Ahhh...must be nice to have a bunch of highly motivated, career-oriented students to instruct....

Just curious, but what was the hiring process like? I've heard often that the entire ACPP program is like an interview, as they are assessing your flying and personal skills while you are training. But is it as simple as "congratulations on finishing the program, you've done a great job,would you like to come work for us?" (assuming the assessment is positive) or do you still have to submit a resume and wait to be called, like how a typical job search would go?

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I've also heard (and believe) that you are evaluated throughout the program-do you study, get along well with people, do you whine at dispatch every time it rains, etc. Flying skill is of course very important. At the end of the program, I faxed a resume and cover letter as I would for any job.
Congrats PScraig,

Say hi to Jody for me, if she is still in JAX.
I am known as Gil over there.
We both trained in Riverside and finished this last may.

Good luck bro. Maybe one day ill join there..Not in the near future though.

Take care
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Well, it gets better. After a whole week in the office, I learned I am now assigned to the Dallas TX location effective next week!
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Welcome to Dallas.

We only fly ATs, you can easily see DFW Int'l when on a downwind to 16, we have silly weather issues and GWBush drops in from time to time unleashing crazy TFRs in his presence.

This place is a blast. Grew up here, learned to fly here, bought a house here, and it will always be home.

Just don't get cocky with your short stay driving the Meridian (phone system) at JAX. We hate that.

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And Dallas is a great place to be in October when the Sooners come to town and kick Longhorn butt! Go SOONERS!!!
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OK! I'm just a little fired up about football season. Congrats on your short Jax stay. Tell Rob Soonermurph from Salem Oregon said hi. Have fun and be safe.
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Great to see that people seem to be moving through the office pretty quickly. Congrats! There's nothing quite like relocating every few weeks or months.

hey Sig...

how's Dallas going? you holding down the fort there? I left the PHX site for ATP Vegas a few months ago and it's been a pretty great experience overall. You just can't find a good place for wings out west unfortunately... but Vegas does have some high points as you might imagine.
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Thanks guys, I'm really looking forward to instructing in DFW. It will be several firsts for me-first students, first time in the Dallas area, and the first time I will be paid to fly. It's just not me to get cocky, but I do think that hard work and a good attitude can pay off regardless of what job you do.
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Hey I'm from Vegas, but I will be doing the ACPP part of the program in Dallas. Vegas is hot as hell ha? I just left last week and it was smokin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats Paul!

My flight partner and I have just finished up our cross-countries and will be doing our Commercials this week and then off to CFI training. We are based in Dallas as well, so we'll get to meet and welcome you first hand!

Hope to be working side by side with you in the very near future!

Welcome to Dallas!

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Well...things change. I learned I am not going to Dallas after all. Long story, but look for me out west sometime this fall...
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As far west as we can go. I am willing to go almost anywhere in the ATP system, hopefully somewhere out west like Phoenix or California as I have never lived out there and would enjoy the change. I'm very mobile, no significant other with a minimum of posessions
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Where did you fly on the citation ride?

I did JAX to the keys.

Flew from riverside to jax and back in the seminole.
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I flew it from CRG to PDX and back, not exactly a long trip. Essentially a Citation in slow flight!

You got a good deal out of that trip, transcontinental in the Seminole and the Keys in the Citation!
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PSCraig: Jacksonville, FL to Portland, OR is not considered a long flight? Where do some of the long flights actually go to?