Fine Moments in CRM History

Is that how CRM is "supposed" to work??? HAHA
You are correct sir. It is not available and does not appear that it will be anytime soon. Someone is holding on to the rights and won't let go. Doug, where did you get the clip? I hear that you can find it on that auction website, but the quality of the tape is not too great.
Some guy had it on the Delta ALPA forum.

Man, slapped his captain like he owed him money!
either he owed him money or wrecked his groove in the hotel bar.
You can search for a copy of it on eBay. I was outbid, but I received an e-mail from another source and purchased a copy from him. You guys are right, it is not the best quality, but it is still a great movie. One of the best to date.
Wow, can you say pilot induced turbulence? It looked more like he was driving a car around a curve than flying a plane.