Find any specials for travel to PEPC?


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I'm still waiting on final confirmation of my NY PEPC date, but I went ahead and got tickets from SFO-JFK on the 8th, returning the 11th, with 3 nights hotel for only $630. I plan to vacation on the 10th and 11th.

If you take 3 nights hotel, you can use the following discount code for $75 off airfare+hotel!
Orbitz discount code: 75AFFOR

Please share any other discount codes or deals you find.


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:rolleyes: Well... I am using miles & points for this trip.

I would recommend (not sure which miles & points programs allow this) that you hit up family & friends to "donate" miles & points to you to try to get enough to get a flight and room.


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I was checking flights from SD to NY PEPC, and I saw flights from $219 on Jet Blue. They don't come up on the big search engines like Orbitz or Expedia but check out their site... very decent prices.


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yah, I think Southwest, and Virgin America (and other discount carriers) don't show up on the major travel websites. don't forget to check those too


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SWA wanted 700 freaking dollars.
jet blue about $450
I managed to get 300 bucks on priceline but they're both 0600 flights, to save $150 I can wake up early.

I have enough miles for a "saver" ticket on united, but the dates I need are.... BLACKED OUT! yay.