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I'm new to the board and am thinking about making a career change. I was looking into going to DCA, but was wondering how on earth one is able to take 70K+ out in loans and then be able to make the monthly payments on the salary of a CFI or Delta Connection flight officer? Any tips? I'm single, 26 and don't have a family to worry about, but already have a lot of debt from undergraduate school.
You might not like my answer, but if you want to attend any of the big academies, you are going to be deep in debt, unless you really plan ahead. I didn't go in the hole, or even take out a loan. I went into the Navy, and saved half of my base pay, plus I had the G.I. Bill which covers 60% of the flight training costs.

What I would do if I were single and wanted to fly as an airline pilot would be to go to the Navy recruiters office and make them put in writing, not say, PUT IN WRITING, that you were going to AD "A" school, to become a jet mech. Do your four years, put away atleast half of your pay, use tuition assistance to work on you Masters, or what ever, but keep going to school, and get yourself quaified to take the A&P. None of this will come out of your pocket, in fact you'll make a good bit of money, while building an impressive resume, and when your 4 years are up, go to DCA. No debt, and a much better resume. While attending DCA, and later teaching if you wish, you can work as a Selected Reservist doing the 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year. Do you know what a jet mech does during those 2 weeks? I went to DC-9 school, you might even go to 737-800 school if you network yourself into the right squadron.
Thanks for the info. I've been to the officer recruiting station to apply as an aviator in the Navy but was disqualified for medical reasons from flying. I didn't want to join the Navy to be a desk jockey, so I figured I'd take the civilian route to learning how to fly. I never considered enlisting, but now that you mention it, I may consider it. As far as the reserves are concerned, given the current international political situation, what are the odds of being called up as a reservist for a deployment and thus interupting my flight training aspirations for several months/years? I know I'm talking about 4 years down the road here, but I am aware of many reservists who have put their career progression on halt for more than a year now due to Afghanistan/Iraq. By the way, what is the A&P? (I'm new to all this, so forgive my asking).
Luckily, I don't have to get a loan. And I'm very greatful that I have the G.I. Bill also. 60% is better than having to pay all of it yourself. As fas as A&P that is the FAA Airframe and Powerplant license. If you enlist in a maintenance rating you can do the apprenticeship program and get credit for on the job training. Once you get enough ojt, you can take the A&P test with having to take courses such as that at Spartan or Sierra.
A&P is a slang term for an Airframe and Powerplant rated mechanic. It opens a lot of doors, even if a person isn't very mechanicly's more about systems knowledge and "Do's and Don't" than turning wrenches. Officers do live a lot better, and make more money, but some of the Education Bennies are much better for Enlisted, with the G.I. Bill, tuition assistance, etc......I'm not sure what Officers get. It might be a lot, too, I just don't know.

If you were to go the Officer route, being a desk jocky is just as important, and especially in the Aviation Logistics area, you will be working in one of the best teams on this planet. In order to keep all of the bellies fed, all of the wheels greased, and all of the shelves stocked takes some real fancy footwork. Nobody does it better. It's easy to keep a airline maintenance base stocked, but when that maintenance facility sets sail for 6 months, and flies a hundred missions a day, the logistics can't break down. It's what sets the U.S. military apart from everybody else. The Supply Corps never gets the respect they deserve.

Or being a Maintenance Officer is good, too.
Not sure about the Navy, but the AF Reserves are actually deploying overseas more than the active duty...... And I really appreciate them for that.

Whok knows what's going to happen in the near future but a few things to keep in mind is that many reserves are coming up on their year mark as active reserves and I heard that Don Rumsfeld wants the services to fix that problem (relying way too much on the reserves).

Hope that gives you a little insight.