Finally, Some of my pictures from my trip to Alaska


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It's like Deja-Vue with those pictures from my first trip to Alaska: dead of winter on the ferry out of Bellingham to Haines, up the Haines highway in the snow and cold. My friend and I spent the night in Beaver Creek, Yukon. Did you happen to stop there too?

Great shots!

I'm actually up here in Alaska right now. Caught a whole bunch of big 'ole lake trout today. Flew a PA-12 yesterday. . . I love it up here!


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I don't remember if we stopped in Beaver Creek or not. We stopped in a few places but I don't remember all of them. We stopped in Haines Junction and spent the night in Tok. I am enjoying it up there, but I have been in Seattle for the week visiting friends and family. Hopefully it wll be the last time I have to pay to come home. I am supposed to go through training next week and after that I will be able to jump seat home. The nice part is after the 15th the ailine we jumpseat on will take more than 2 jumpers. They will take as many people as seats open.