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I haven't been around in a long while and I don't have time to sit here and read through all the posts so spare me the "use the search feature" routine, k? :p

1. Has anyone received a phone call for a class date and NOT received the FOL through snail mail OR email? (I received a call back in January and still don't have an actual FOL in hand... I don't want to set up a place to live in OK without it, kwim?)

2. Does anyone have contact info for the HR rep for the Northeast? Apparently Charlene isn't it anymore. PM me if you've got what I want. ;)

TIA for not ripping me a new one. :crazy:
I believe Mickie Griffin has taken over for Charlene Sade (don't quote me)...and i'm not sure about ur other question. Hope it was somewhat helpful. Mickie's number is 405-954-5307.