Few pics from the cell


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On the way back from KTOL in an AC690


Weird prop shot

This X had its hangar crash down on it last June during a tornado. Moved down to this hangar for storage. The Sovereign in the back ground of one of these shots is their new ride. We had to make room for that and a BE1900 so we moved the tail of the X outside to make room. When I showed up at 0500 the next morning I wasn't sure if I was actually seeing this.
We had a wet slushy snow overnight, I guess it was enough to weigh the tail down. We ended up using a tow rope, forklift, and jeep all at the same time(use your imagination on how....)to get it back down. It was amazing because the nose was only about 2' off the ground before it finally overcame the tail weight and came down under its own power.






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Interesting to say the least.

I'm working on imagining how that would have went right now, lol.


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Honestly it would take too long to type. The rope went under the forks, which was directly below the nose gear, and the jeep pulled it outwards to lower the nose. Hopefully that makes sense. I ain't so good at tha describin' skills.


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I was busy doing it, lol. My buddy was in there taking a bunch pictures though. He is supposed to be emailing them over. I'll get them up as soon as they arrive.


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That was just last Thursday 10-23-08, so it is just sitting there now. The insurance company actually owns it now and I think they are probably looking to get a couple million out of the plane from both engines, APU, interior, avionics, etc. All that stuff really is in good shape.

You can see the obvious damage to the nose and the horizontal stabilizer, but the top of the fuselage and wings are pretty cut up and dented from the hangar crashing down on top of it, so they probably are just going to scrap a lot of that. It's sad to see but their Sovereign is oh so pretty!