FedEx 727 Replacements


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Fedex (Jul28, 2003)
Started looking at replacements for its Boeing 727s. Under consideration are Boeing 737-300s and 757-200s that would be converted from passenger to cargo configuration.

---I sure do miss the 727's especially the ones that the major airlines had even though they were old & gas guzzlers. --
Are they planning to replace these with new or used a/c? If new, looks like FedEx might save the 757 given this information. Last I heard was that Boeing was considering canceling the 757 line since they have no pending orders for the plane. I believe they are currently building to two current orders, which will be fulfilled next year or the year after that.
Too LOUD!!!

They're some of the oldest planes built before serious noise-reducing technology was added to aircraft engines. I'd like to see a 757 in FedEx colors. Actually, I'd really like to see my 172 in FedEx colors!
I'll get a package ANYWHERE for the low, low cost of $90/hr shipping and handling.
The only 727 to fly into PVD any more belongs to FedEx, but the times are changing. Hopefully when they are retired, they'll send in an MD-11 instead.
I love the sound those low-bipass engines make. 727s sound closer to figher jets than airliners
Oh yeah snow. When I used to have all kind of free time I would go to our airport and watch the planes. My favorite was the old dc-9s taking off. This was all before I got threatened to be arrested but thats another story. Any way that sound was one of my farvorites.

The high bypass ones just sound like turboprops from certain angles. still cool though

Any idea how many 727's we are talking about? Also, if Fed Ex is looking at 737-300 and 757-200 that must mean they're looking to buy used airplanes, not new. Unless this is false, it appears that the 757 line is indeed in jeopardy.