Fed Loans for FSI + a few more questions


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In the "Easy STEP" financial assistance plan brochure they sent me, it has some Federal loans noted in addition to the Key and others. It says the Fed loans generally have the lowest interest, so I'm thinking it would make sense to max them out, and leave the remainder to the Key Loan. Has anyone else used these Fed loans for FSI? If so, were they in fact lower rates?

Also, hows the situation for a spouse trying to get employed in Vero? Are there help wanted signs up everywhere or is McDonalds asking for a Masters degree in literature? Somewhere in between?

Not that it matters too much, but how is the beach portion of Vero? Is it clean?

Thanks again for any inputs and answers.
I haven't been to vero in a few months but the last time I was there, the beaches were as I remembered them. They are fairly pretty and clean. They get a lot of sea turtles nesting there so last time I went they had all kinds of signs up about messing with the turtle eggs. Someone should tell those turtles to get a room like everyone else...

I was in VB a few month's ago, and the beaches and everything else in town seemed pretty clean.

And for spousel employment, I believe KayMart is asking for a minimum of a Finance degree, to work at the cash registers, and a Masters in Psychology to work as a greeter. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

As for Micky Dee's and Pizza Hut, those spots are full with the up and comming IP's still waiting to get called up. /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif

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My wife is a teacher. She has excellent qualifications (high GPA, experience teaching in Japan for 3 years, ESL, etc.etc.). As soon as she put in her app/resume, she had multiple offers. She picked the school she liked the best and is happy, but the pay is the same regardless of what school she picked. 26.7K. How pathetic is that?!?! She is an incredible teacher (not just saying that becuase she's my wife), has unique experience, has her B.S. + 30 credits, I mean, she's not just meeting the mins. 26.7K a year! That totally sucks. *rant over*

In the mean while, she went to get a job until school started. She was offered a manager position at a local fabric/craft store......drum roll plz...6.50/hr. When she laughed at them, they upped it to 8/hr, but still. "please take extra responsibility". = 8/hr.

I told her to chill out, stay home until school starts, and enjoy the summer.

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Hopefully, all those CFIs working at BK will get a "real" job instructing at FSI soon as the pool empties, and the local economy will have room for me and the Mrs.. Chunk, 27K is pretty damned low pay for any teacher these days, let alone ones with that type of experience. Well, hopefully, your stint at FSI will get you in with an airline in a much more profitable city for both of you later.

I'm glad the beach is nice too! I'm gonna need something like that to keep my wife from going insane in a smaller town like Vero. Tell me the mall is decent please.
The beach, in my opinion, is an 8 on a scale of 10. I think its a pretty nice beach....its not near as wide as say Miami Beach, obviously, and there aren't as many people....but its clean, sandy, and scenic as beaches are supposed to be. The mall is also top notch for this size of town.
Plus...Orlando is like 1:20 from Vero by car...and more malls than you can shake a stick at...

And yes...the school system pays little here...however you have to realize too that there are no state income taxes, no intangible property taxes...ie cost of living is a little cheaper than say, New York/most of the Northeast.

But then again...I think teachers are underpaid anywhere you go...