FBOs around Orlando


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I just moved to Orlando and was wondering if anyone could recommend any FBOs in the area for rentals. I could also use a flight instructing job here so if you know anyone in the Orlando area looking for instructors that would be very helpful too.
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I am from orlando and there are a couple of places. Air Orlando and Showalter at KORL Showalter only has the capability of renting if you joing their flying club.
I am not aware of any rentals from KISM and I know that you can rent from Avion at KSFB.

As for the job... let me know if you find anything!!!

Air Orlando

CAP Flying (Showalter's Flying Club)

There are the URLs for the web sites. Air Orlando's planes are SWEET, but they're a little pricey. $104 for a 172SP wet. They have a couple of Senecas, a few 152s left, a couple of 172Ns, an Arrow GTO, some 182s, a ton of 172s, and a brand new Diamond Eclipse and Cirrus SR-22 on the way. The instructors there are good, and I know they just lost a few to 135 ops in FLL. Not sure if they are going to replace them, though. They also do helicopter training if you've got the money to burn.

CAP Flying has some older 172s, an Archer (oops, just found out they sold that one to make room for another twin), two Arrows (one I think is a 201 hp), a Seminole, a Sundowner (I THINK they still have it), and a Piper Lance. The 172s don't look like much on the outside, but they're pretty reliable and cheap. The Lance has insane insurance requirements, but I wouldn't want to fly it. It's WAAAY too much airplane for me right now. All prices they quote are dry, but you get a discount on fuel from Showalter.

Other airports to look at are Kissimmee, Sanford, and I hear that Orlando Country has some decent rental prices.