FBO financing


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Going to an FBO seems to make the most sense for me. Does anyone here finance their stuff for the FBO? I mean other than with Visa. I think I can use Sallie Mae but not sure. I called Key and they said the school has to be on a list of schools for them to work with.
Shooter -

Were you looking to stay in SC, or go to an FBO located elsewheres? Our flight school is part of an FBO, and we have both Key and Sallie Mae. Key is a much better deal on the whole over Sallie Mae.... Key is a deferred loan, generally has a lower interest rate than Sallie Mae, and is overall much more responsive to your needs as opposed to Sallie Mae... if you can, find an FBO that can use Key...

I agree about Key being a better option. I am looking to stay where I live current;y. I am in the Navy and want to work on these ratings before I get out and while I have a pretty decent paycheck.. I just feel like waiting two years to start would be a pretty big waste of time.
I concur - because of the types of assignments and locations I was in, I couldn't even BEGIN to think about it until I retired...

You out of Goose Creek?

Hey Shooter: I went the Sallie Mae route and have been VERY pleased! The loan was processed incredibly fast and was available exactly on the date that I had requested. So, I had no problem there.

Also, I cannot remember the exact interest rate, but it was surprisingly low IMHO.

Couldn't help you on the Key loan thing, however. I don't know anything about it.

Good luck and don't let anyone tell you the FBO route can't be done.