Favorite Wings!


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What is the favorite airplane you all have ever flown in, or for that matter, ever piloted?? Mine at the moment would have to be 172sp as my flying experience has been limited to ppl at this moment. Display us some pics if you must!!
Turbo Seminole, definitely. Nothing too special, but it took me to the flight levels for the first time as PIC. Pretty sweet.
The list of airplanes I've flown is short, but distinguished.

I LOVE flying the 1959 BE95 - Beech Travel Air.
Well, my favorite plane I've flown in as a passenger is hands down the 777. Very comfortable airplane. Since the only thing I have ever piloted is a C172, I guess I'd have to say that its my favorite.
Most comfortable passenger jet? Hands down the 767-300. Coach or first it's a delightful ride.

Most fun plane I've ever flown? The T-34B.

"Best" plane I've ever flown? A Beechcraft King Air C-90. All the comfort and pilot-friendliness as a Baron, but the unmatchable security of having a PT-6 turbine engine.
Most fun plane I've ever flown? The T-34B.

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How did you get the opportunity to fly the T-34B?
One of my pals, Dennis Conner (not the boater), was a corporate pilot and the company also owned a T-34B. Actually, I think it was an "A" model with a "B" engine retrofitted.
Favorite Wings = Any that go around and around and around. By far the most fun flying I've done has been in helicopters, with the AH-1 being alot of fun, the OH-6 was the most responsive, but the Cobra had guns ... hehe.
Favorite Airplane = Citation 650, very sporty feel and responsive. Sweet airplane to land too thanks to the trailing link gear ... even I can grease them on. BTW Airplane Pilots make more ... much more money that is why I left Helicopters.
I'd say the PA34 seneca but I've never flown anything but beat up junkers from the 70's. Can't wait to start flying something that doesn't accumulate 3 squawks per hour...
One of my pals, Dennis Conner (not the boater), was a corporate pilot and the company also owned a T-34B. Actually, I think it was an "A" model with a "B" engine retrofitted.

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My CEO owns a pristine T-34B. He just had the wing AD done and a brand new paint job which matches the originall Navy scheme, he has offered for us to get current on it and do some aerobatics ... but to be honest I want to wait untill he's scratched the paint first. Plus how do I explain to my wife that on my day off I am going to go fly an airplane.

Well, I really enjoyed flying the Schweitzer 2-33 glider with Civil Air Patrol. But I think it wasn't just the glider, but the great times we had while flying them! (Some great stories!) Almost my favorite... but probably the best time I had was flying the Brantley B-2B piston helicopter. It was summertime, and I flew with my school's chief pilot out of a small strip in Central Illinois. We took the doors off, and were crusing around at 800'-1200' AGL, doing turns and maneuvers. Nothing cooler than doing a turn, only to look down straight to the ground with nothing between you and the corn! Also was very cool to hover at like 3 feet above the grass. I only logged .4 in the helo, but I'll remember it well. I received some great compliments from the chief pilot about my flight in the helicopter, and how impressed he was how quick I picked it up. It meant a LOT to me. Sadly, he passed away from a heart attack a few months later.
I really enjoyed my flights in the T-6 / T-28 / and YAK52, nothing like a radial engine to get the blood pumpin'. Although I "flew" the airplanes, I was more of a passenger who just got to move the stick thingy
. I also love the C310, don't know why...I guess it is just something about that airplane and the fact that it was the first multi in my logbook, someday I hope to own one. And I guess I will always have a soft spot for the ol' Warrior. But whatever one I am currently getting paid to fly is always the favorite.
Man...trying to pick a favorite is tougher than I thought; its like the blonde vs. burnette debate
For me, it was a back seat ride in an AF T-38. Afterburner take-off, then after we'd built up some kinetic energy, it was up through the clouds to the sunshine in about a second-and-a-half. Brings tears to my eyes just thinkin' about it!
Favorite airplane I've flown: The Seneca I. Friendly, comfortable, reliable. If you count full motion Level D sim time, then it's the 737, even though that airplane is an absolute DOG on one engine.

Most fun I ever had in an airplane: Pitts S2A. Logged .7 in it, and I figure .5 of that was upside down. What a ride!

As a passenger: The MD-11. Quiet, comfortable.
I would KILL to fly a T6... that is my FAVORITE airplane!!!

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It was pretty awesome. I have flown in it a couple of times...and it never gets old. There are about 8 on the field here and they always go do formation work, it is quite a ride. They are all rich older guys who will take whoever is closest to the airplane when they have an open seat. I am very fortunate to be friends with them. There is also a guy on the field with a P-51, and another with an L-39...I drool everytime I see those airplanes. Maybe someday I will get lucky enough catch a ride.
T-34 is a fun, stable plane.

From what I've flown, I'd put the T-34 near the top of the list, along with:

Grob 103 (slick glider)
Christen Eagle (lotsa power)
Aeronca Champ (basic fun)

Pretty much in that order.

Man, that's a tough one. The PA29RT Arrow is smooth and stable but I loved the power and complexity (both relative) of the PA44. Then there's the simplicity of the PA38 Tomahawk. I didn't appreciate it until after spending all of my instrument training time in the Seminole. Of course, the SR22 was cool, fast, and technologically decked out . . .

Do I have to pick one?
That's awesome... there's a few around down here, hopefully Ill catch a ride someday.... there's no better sound in the world than a T6 flyby!