Favorite Instructional / Flying Acronyms


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Like most people I find that acronyms help me learn and remember important information in my training. I'm interested to know from all you CFI guys and gals which are your favorite flying acronyms that you teach to your students, and for that matter remember for yourselves.
For CFI Candidates:


Using acronyms to learn by Rote, so that you never have to Understand anything, let alone Apply them or Correlate them to any other experiences you ever had.
A good one that is taught by all CFI's at my FBO (and probably lots of others around the country):

PCGUMPFS (Pronounced P-C-Gumps)

Power, Carb Heat, Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Prop, Flaps, Switches

Used on downwind abeam the numbers. It seems pretty effective and the guys like it.
For magnetic compass errors:

V variation
D deviation

M magnetic dip
O oscillation
N northerly turning error
A acceleration/deceleration error

For NDB errors:

T thunderstorm
R rain
I interference
C coastal effect

N night effect
M mountain effect

AND my favorite: for aeromedical, when talking about how we see at night vs day....."we stare at CONES during the day and play with our RODS at night"

Hope everyone can pick up the sexual innuendo in that one. Have a nice day!
Now thats a good one...have to give that one to my student this afternoon...we're actually talking about W & B.
For hold entries:

If, from your present position, you will pass the holding fix through the Nose of the holding pattern, use the Direct entry.

If through the Body of the pattern, use the Teardrop entry.

If through the Opposite side, use the Parallel entry.

NDB TOP works for me, but I always make sure to draw the assigned hold on whatever chart I'm using.
Well, This one I saw from an AOPA article and I find it very useful when teaching engine failures.


A- Airspeed for best glide
B- Best place to land (choose)
C- Cockpit checks (If time permits)
D- Dialogue (Tell controller of emergency)
E- Emergency Procedures (Door prompt open, 7700 trx)