Fast Heart Rate


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Hello, I'm currently scheduled to take part in the PEPC i'm worried about the medical portion though. For as long as I know I get white coat syndrome. When I take EKG's or my pulse when at the doctors I always come up with a fast heart rate of 100-120bpm. I've been to a cardiologist to check, had the sona-gram test of my heart and everything is always normal just a fast heart rate. Also because of the white coat syndrome i come witha high blood pressure (top number anywhere between 140-145) bottom number always fine. I've had 3rd class medical before and a 1st class medical before for having my PPL...Will this factor affect me becoming an Air Traffic Controller...I'm on NO medications and have all my records of tests and halta monitors, EKG's, blood test, etc


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What does a fast heart-rate indicate? Mine is kind of fast too and I always figured it just meant I was out of shape.


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What is an ideal heart rate? I exercise only a few times per week, and my heart rate is normally around 80 bpm. Back after I graduated college, it was around 70 bpm. Blood pressure is always around 110 over 70. I'm trying to keep an eye on things, and have a goal to work for when I exercise...


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Thanks everyone for the insight...I am going to try and just relax and i never drink coffee its just really excitment for me i guess...hope everything goes well


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When I went in for my initial ATC medical I too was all worked up -- white coat etc etc. Blood pressure was 120/80 - heart rate was 90-102. The Doc deferred my medical and I got that ooh so wonderful call from the doctors in OKC. His basic thought was that I could have a thyroid problem -- which does run rampant in my family. Ultimately, I just had to go to my family doctor, pay him 150 bucks to take my pulse and write me an 'okay he's good to go' letter.